Wednesday, November 14, 2012

living the gospel

   With the cold weather coming in the question of the day is to wear a coat or to just wear a sweater or I think that I will be fine. Sometimes even when its really cold we think that wear a coat is to much hassle and done want to take the time to grab it or that it will cover up my cute outfit its to big a bulky. So instead we deny ourselves the comfort and warmth that the coat would provide.
 It is the same as living the principles of the gospel. The gospel can give us comfort and protection from the cold world. Yet times we don't want to make the effort to live the gospel. We feel that it is to restrictive its a burden or its just not what the everybody else is doing. So instead we suffer with the discomforts that come with not living the gospel.
I Know that as we live the gospel and put our coats on that we can be warm and happy. :) I would much rather live the gospel and wear my coat than not live the gospel and be cold.