Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I decided to serve a mission

 I have always wanted to serve a mission ever since I was a little girl. Both my parents served missions (mom went to Chile and Dad went to Chicago) they have always said that it was the best time in there lives and that I should serve. So ever since I was in primary Ive wanted to serve.
 When I hit my teen years I started thinking that maybe a mission isn't for me. Then all my friends started getting married so I was like maybe I should get married. But that didn't feel right so I started thinking like maybe I could do a mission again. Then I watched the movie "Errand of Angels" as I was watching that movie I got this overwhelming feeling that that's what the Lord wanted me to do. So I was thinking even more about it but just thinking I wasn't going to do anything about it.
 One day my Bishop called me into his office and asked me if I have ever thought about serving a mission. My first thought, how did he know? He said that he felt very inspired to ask me if I would serve a mission and that the five years that he had been bishop he never felt inspired to ask a sister before. I told him that I had been thinking about it and that I would think about it some more.The next Sunday in Sunday school they were talking about bishops and what there duties were and how they are suppose to ask all young men to serve full time missions and they are not to ask young women, then he paused for a moment and says unless they are inspired to. GASP! After I heard that I was like alright I will do it. Right after that I went to my bishops office and said that I wanted to. So the paperwork began. While I was doing my paperwork and getting all the medical stuff worked out I started having second thoughts. I thought a mission cost a lot and with the money I had saved I could buy a car. I had to teach relief society one Sunday and it was on sacrifice and one of the sisters commented and said that when she decided to serve a mission that she had enough money saved up to buy the car of her dreams in full but using that money to pay for her mission was far better than any car out there. It's amazing when the Lord has an errand for you He tells you just what you need to hear.
 Will you pray and ask the Lord what he wants you to do in you life right now? I promise that as you pray and act on what he has asked that you will see so many blessings. As I have done what the Lord has asked of me I have felt so much more joy and peace and i  feel myself becoming who the Lord wants me to.

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  1. I love this! You did such a great job by following the spirit. You are such a great example! Love you!